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Building on x86-bm-10.ocamllabs.io

(from ocaml/opam:debian-unstable@sha256:62ae74868419940a0a8d446d6b24fb54d1e206ed0d6bd202c9f46c230f7df1cf)
Unable to find image 'ocaml/opam:debian-unstable@sha256:62ae74868419940a0a8d446d6b24fb54d1e206ed0d6bd202c9f46c230f7df1cf' locally
docker.io/ocaml/opam@sha256:62ae74868419940a0a8d446d6b24fb54d1e206ed0d6bd202c9f46c230f7df1cf: Pulling from ocaml/opam
007cfbb78823: Already exists
edf3681963a0: Already exists
181467391df8: Pulling fs layer
181467391df8: Verifying Checksum
181467391df8: Download complete
181467391df8: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:62ae74868419940a0a8d446d6b24fb54d1e206ed0d6bd202c9f46c230f7df1cf
Status: Downloaded newer image for ocaml/opam@sha256:62ae74868419940a0a8d446d6b24fb54d1e206ed0d6bd202c9f46c230f7df1cf
2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "762188f9398aba124469f63b90ef28f78843303841337e68ccd45493eb15dc5f" from cache

/: (user (uid 1000) (gid 1000))


/: (env OPAMUTF8 never)

/: (env OPAMEXTERNALSOLVER builtin-0install)

/: (env OPAMCRITERIA +removed)

/: (run (shell "sudo ln -f /usr/bin/opam-dev /usr/bin/opam"))
2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "a15a00d0ccbc261934a81c26be68bf36d968f2bc911a45b736c8af7735348ff8" from cache

/: (run (network host)
        (shell "rm -rf ~/opam-repository && git clone -q 'https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository' ~/opam-repository && git -C ~/opam-repository checkout -q c5e50e60ba0d358270d3d6dc037f7d055dc61d08"))
2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "0c46a3114082274bf9eac9b20e57b4acb2102543813d8cf462fc3081839e0628" from cache

/: (run (shell "rm -rf ~/.opam && opam init -ya --bare --config ~/.opamrc-sandbox ~/opam-repository"))
Configuring from /home/opam/.opamrc-sandbox, then /home/opam/.opamrc, and finally from built-in defaults.
Checking for available remotes: rsync and local, git.
  - you won't be able to use mercurial repositories unless you install the hg command on your system.
  - you won't be able to use darcs repositories unless you install the darcs command on your system.

<><> Fetching repository information ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
[default] Initialised

User configuration:
  ~/.profile is already up-to-date.
[NOTE] Make sure that ~/.profile is well sourced in your ~/.bashrc.

2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "75ef25fbdf0fae6666c31c2f8960b63b4568c4d552ffaeddca7b23a16bb6dbc5" from cache

/: (run (cache (opam-archives (target /home/opam/.opam/download-cache)))
        (network host)
        (shell "opam switch create --repositories=default '4.11' '4.11.2'"))

<><> Installing new switch packages <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Switch invariant: ["ocaml-base-compiler" {= "4.11.2"} | "ocaml-system" {= "4.11.2"}]

<><> Processing actions <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
-> installed base-bigarray.base
-> installed base-threads.base
-> installed base-unix.base
-> retrieved ocaml-base-compiler.4.11.2  (https://github.com/ocaml/ocaml/archive/4.11.2.tar.gz)
-> installed ocaml-base-compiler.4.11.2
-> installed ocaml-config.1
-> installed ocaml.4.11.2
# Run eval $(opam env --switch=4.11) to update the current shell environment
2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "8b605c6a2cfd9296275707c234c7f3397f83a4d01ecd409260e4d2c31ab47fe0" from cache

/: (run (network host)
        (shell "opam update --depexts"))
+ /usr/bin/sudo "apt-get" "update"
- Get:1 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable InRelease [165 kB]
- Get:2 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages.diff/Index [63.6 kB]
- Ign:2 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages.diff/Index
- Get:3 http://deb.debian.org/debian unstable/main amd64 Packages [9149 kB]
- Fetched 9378 kB in 2s (4866 kB/s)
- Reading package lists...
2022-04-21 13:27.48 ---> using "75dfbf2277f2a1d76586f05019ea313b4bc5bd9081b520a1064b161c242ad5a9" from cache

/: (run (cache (opam-archives (target /home/opam/.opam/download-cache)))
        (network host)
        (shell  "\
               \nopam remove -y \"buffer-pool.0.2\"\
               \nopam install -vy \"buffer-pool.0.2\"\
               \nif [ $res = 31 ]; then\
               \n    if opam show -f x-ci-accept-failures: \"buffer-pool.0.2\" | grep -q '\"debian-unstable\"'; then\
               \n        echo \"This package failed and has been disabled for CI using the 'x-ci-accept-failures' field.\"\
               \n        exit 69\
               \n    fi\
               \nexit $res\
[NOTE] buffer-pool.0.2 is not installed.

Nothing to do.
The following actions will be performed:
=== install 2 packages
  - install buffer-pool 0.2
  - install dune        3.1.1 [required by buffer-pool]

<><> Processing actions <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Processing  1/6: [buffer-pool.0.2: http]
Processing  2/6: [buffer-pool.0.2: http]
Processing  2/6:
-> retrieved buffer-pool.0.2  (https://github.com/Cjen1/buffer-pool/archive/0.2.tar.gz)
-> retrieved dune.3.1.1  (cached)
Processing  3/6: [dune: ocaml bootstrap.ml]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "ocaml" "bootstrap.ml" "-j" "31" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.11/.opam-switch/build/dune.3.1.1)
- ocamlc -output-complete-exe -w -24 -g -o .duneboot.exe -I boot unix.cma boot/libs.ml boot/duneboot.ml
- ./.duneboot.exe -j 31

Processing  3/6: [dune: ./dune.exe build]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "./dune.exe" "build" "dune.install" "--release" "--profile" "dune-bootstrap" "-j" "31" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.11/.opam-switch/build/dune.3.1.1)
-> compiled  dune.3.1.1
-> installed dune.3.1.1
Processing  5/6: [buffer-pool: dune build]
+ /home/opam/.opam/opam-init/hooks/sandbox.sh "build" "dune" "build" "-p" "buffer-pool" "-j" "31" "@install" (CWD=/home/opam/.opam/4.11/.opam-switch/build/buffer-pool.0.2)
-> compiled  buffer-pool.0.2
-> installed buffer-pool.0.2
# Run eval $(opam env) to update the current shell environment
2022-04-21 13:29.35 ---> saved as "dc16b593d18b3af8a8840cd039207d8727af904bfc91700f1ef79bc0fbb193e7"
Job succeeded